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Your financial support is needed TODAY!

PetPAC is an organization formed to support the rights of pet owners. Their first priority is to defeat AB 1634, The Pet Extinction Act.

All concerned California residents need to contact their Assembly Member, TODAY.
Fridays are usually the best day to meet with them in person. Click here to find your representative:

CA AB 1634 OPPOSED by (partial list):
• Guide Dogs for the Blind
• Guide Dogs of America
• Canine Companions for Independence
• Assistance Dogs International
• International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
• Pets for Disabled Americans
• California Cattlemen’s Association
• California Farm Bureau Federation
• American Herding Breed Association
• American Working Dog Federation
• California Houndsmen For Conservation
• California Organization of Police and Sheriffs
• California Association of Highway Patrolmen
• North American Police Work Dog Association
• United States Police Canine Association
• Western States Police Canine Association
• Canine Specialized Search Team
• American Kennel Club
• United Kennel Club
• The International Cat Association
• Feline Friends International
• Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
• National Pet Alliance
• American Canine Foundation
• The Animal Council
• International Animal Welfare Alliance
• National Pet Alliance
• PetPAC
• Save Our Dogs

• Italian Greyhound Club of America
• California Italian Greyhound Rescue

• Dr. Margaret Cleek's opposition speech from the CA 1634 Appropriations hearing •
An excellent support document to have handy when you visit your assembly members.

• The BIG LIE - Revisited 2007 •
  Pet Over-Population Mythology/ Propaganda
by Ron Cole, Vice President of San Francisco Dog Training Club

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