Kathy & Sherlock

Please know when you choose an Italian Greyhound that just because they are a short coated breed does not mean that there is no maintenance. .Their teeth need to be brushed daily and nails trimmed weekly. .This care is essential to the health of these dogs.

I am not a veterinarian, but am offering what I have written here as what we have learned and practice, at this time, after over 30 years in dogs.. If you have any questions you should also check with your own veterinarian.

Italian Greyhound Basic Care

Dental Hygiene

Nail Grinding

House training is extremely important and failure to have a well mannered dog is the biggest reason for dog owners giving up their pets. .Please read both of these articles to give you slightly different, but complimentary perspectives.

Crate & House Training

House Training

For an explanation of the different tests and health registries:

Health Testing

An article with tips and a sample poster Word document for finding a lost IG.

Simmie: Lost & FOUND!